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"To our guests,

Experience Point Dume, Malibu at Le Café de la Plage!

Inspired by French culture, we are home to a vast assortment of beautiful pastries and exquisite Intelligentsia coffee.


You are able to sip a crisp espresso and take a walk on Zuma beach just a half mile away! Explore our breakfast and lunch menu, capitalizing on local and organic foods! The menu is simple but elegant.


We are also home to a classic and vegan ice cream line, hand-crafted exclusively by our owners. From the house-made waffle cone to the elaborate pairings of French lavender and local blueberry, your palate will be awakened. Enjoy “Only Good Vibes” on our beautiful outdoor terrace and a photo-booth to capture the memory! We will see you soon."

Sophie & Bernard

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